Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sticker Art

Since little dude #2 came onto the scene...I have to admit that I have been lacking on the mommying front and dude #1 has been watching waaay to much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse....and Jake...and Doc McStuffins...and of course the new Miles from Tomorrowland.  Ohh and when my husband is home...Ninja Turtles and Kung Fu Panda.

I have really struggled to find a balance between caring for the tiny one while nurturing the not so tiny one.  The sleep deprivation hasnt helped.

But...little dude #2 has finally eased into a bit of a better sleep schedule...we have a 6 hour stretch now!! So...I am now working on weaning the t.v. time for much more enriching activities.

I have tried to have dude #2 color in the past and he has always seemed to be bored 5 minutes in so I wanted to add another element to his color time.

Insert stickers.

He has received a few stickers from various places...doctors offices...ect...and has always been super excited about them so I thought I'd give them a try.

Michael's has some super cute and inexpensive Easter stickers right now by the way.

They were a big hit with the dude.

I took some art paper...the kind on the roll...and taped it to the table.  Then I brought out the colors. He did much better coloring this time and seemed more intersted but I decided it was time for stickers when he started trying to tear the paper off the table.

I knew this would be great for fine motor skills development so to start I wanted to test where he was at with his motor skills.  I handed him the sticker sheet to see if he could get the stickers off the page. This was a no go...but thats good because I can see that we have some room for improvement! I started taking the stickers off and handing them to him.  This was still working on his motor skills as he had to handle the sticky sticker and manuver it onto the paper. The smaller the sticker...the more work he had to do.  We also talked about the colors of the stickers and what was on, easter eggs, ect.

The dude really enjoyed this activity.  I think he enjoed it so much partially because it was fun for him and but also because we were able to work together and interact.  He ws getting some quality mommy time which I am sad to say has been lacking lately. 

I was even able to nurse dude #2 while we worked though he spent most of the time just like this...

We will definitely be working this activity into our routine more!  Overall I think we spent close to an hour working and I think our piece turned out really well!

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