Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Here We Come

Here We Coooooooooooome!

This song has seriously been in my head for the last couple weeks and I often find myself busting out with a line or two randomly throughout the day.

If you dont know what song I'm talking about here ya go!

Why the sudden California Love?  Lol...see what I did there?!  

We finally received our orders and will be leaving the frozen tundra...also known as New England... this summer for sunny beaches...warmer weather...and NO SNOW!!  Thats right...we are California Bound!

I must admit when we first got the news I was less than thrilled.  We had had it in our minds that we were heading home and that life was going to be a little bit easier for a while.  Learning that we would again be 24 hours from home was a hard pill to swallow.

Now that I have had a bit of time to pout and complain...my attitude about the situation has much improved.  I have secretly always wanted to live in California.  Live my real life version of The Hills though the California we are moving to is less like this:

and more like this:

It's not "the hills" but I am still looking forward to a change of pace and embracing NorCal life.  I must say it is perfect for me...crunchy...hippie...green...all of which apply to me...lol.

I am really hoping to fully emerse myself in the experience and enjoy all that California has to offer. I feel like I really missed some opportunities up here in New England because I couldnt get passed the negative things but I am going in with a new mindset and I will remain positive...I mean come on...its California!

Now to get it in gear and get the million things done that we need to do before a 3800+ mile cross country move with an infant...toddler...and two dogs!  I have added a countdown and to-do list on the blog so ya'll can help me get all this crap done so we can get outta here! Stay tuned for updates...maybe... Only 68 days left till we head out and until then its California Dreamin!

Seriously...how annoyed would my husband be if I made a roadtrip mix with nothing but songs about California.  I'm totes gonna do it!  See...I'm already turning into a Californian!


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