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Top Picks Months 3-6

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1. Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin $34.99

We have now dealt with 6 months worth of diapers and the little guys room doesnt smell at all!  We love this pail!  It says that the insert can hold up to 25 diapers but I think we usually end up fitting more.  We usually only have to take out diapers once a week.  The pail is also nice because you use actual baking soda.  If \I notice that the pail is starting to smell a little, I simply change the baking soda and the smell is gone.  It also seals shut when you close it which helps with smell.  Definitely a great buy!

2. Boppy Bare Naked Pillow with Slipcover $29.99 for Pillow $12.99 for Slipcover

I didnt end up using this when Aiden was first born and for the first couple of months because I was recovering from my surgery and becuase of the way I had to hold Aiden to nurse.  Starting around month 3, nursing got a whole lot easier and I didnt have to use both hands to hold him.  I could place him on the boppy and have my hands free!  It puts him in the perfect position and I use it every time I nurse!

3. Bumbo Floor Seat with Play Tray and Seatcover $39.99 for Seat $11.99 for Tray 14.99 for Cover

We love Aiden's Bumbo and I wish we had started using it sooner.  I really didnt know how it would work but it is amazingly supportive and he started sitting in it at close to 3 months but could have started sooner.  I think I should have started putting him in it when he began having good head control.  I listed the tray because we use it all the time!  We use it for play and also for feeding since he has just started solids and we dont have a high chair yet.  It works great for both!  I also listed the Bumbo Slipcover because we use ours alot.  Not such a good idea when we are using it as a high chair but where we live, it gets really cold so the cover is really nice to help keep him a little warmer.  It also keeps his legs from sticking to the Bumbo seat.
This is the cover we cute are those elephants?!
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4. Taggies Bugs 'n' Hugs Playgym $44.99

Aiden uses this just about everyday although I think he is starting to outgrow it :(.  He loves the caterpillar which plays music.  He also loves when we hang toys over him and he can bat at and hold onto them.  He likes to play with the little tags all over it and he colors are just so cute.  We use the connecting rings that came with the gym on his carseat and rocker also.

5. Summer Infant Soothing Spa & Shower $42.99

O.k. first can we talk about how this looks like a tiny claw footed tub, it is just the cutest thing.  It has also proved to be very handy.  We love the shower.  It makes bathing Aiden so much easier and it prevents me from trying to rinse him with soapy water.  I think the spa will be used more later.  Aiden is not quite ready to sit up on his own in the tub and that is when the jets will be more easily utilized.  The insert also came in extremely handy because it lifts him up out of the water a bit and keeps it out of his ears.  This tub can be used in or out of the bathtub.

6. Sassy Toys Up to $20

We have a couple Sassy toys so far and we love them!  The color combos are great for little eyes and each toy is geared towards a differnt sense or combination of senses which helps with sensory play.  They also have a great line of teething toys and accessories for feeding.
We have:

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Wonder Wheel $ 7.99
We use this with the Bumbo Tray...thats the only thing we have been able to get it to stick to.

This one really depends on your baby.  We have a happy spit-upper.  He spits-up all the time and everywhere.  We were using those cute little burp clothes when sweet little designs on them but they just werent able to handle the collasal amount of spit up our little guy can dish out!  We take these towels everywhere.  I dont have to worry about losing them because they are cheap. I have also washed them a million times and so far they have stood up to the beating.

We use this little guy everyday.  First off can we talk about how it goes from infant to toddler.  Anything that is convertable and can grow with my baby is good in my book and worth them money.  I use this chair for all kinds of things.  If I am home alone and need to run to the restroom, I just put Aiden in this and I know he will be safe because he is strapped in and cant scoot over to the lights socket or the fan cord.  It is also nice for when I am working in a room and he just needs to be near me.  I put him in it and do the dishes and he just plays away knowing that he is close to me.  He loves the little spinning toys and looking at the super cute design.  It also vibrates which is nice.  I have even been known to take it outside and let him hang out while I'm working in the yard.  This is really a life saver for us.

9. Temporal Artery Thermometer $28.92 @ Walmart

I am listing this now even though we just bought one for Aiden.  I wish we had had it since he was born.  It makes life a million times easier.  We used to struggle with Aiden, especially now that he is older, trying to keep the thermometer under his armpit.  Now we can just swipe his forehead while he is asleep or nursing, even when he is just hanging out and there is no fight.  These where what were used in the hospital we were at and we had always talked about getting one, just never did.  Be sure you check prices before you buy.  I have seen prices up to $60 on this brand and its not worth paying that much when you dont have to for the exact same thing.  I also read a few tips from a nurse for getting the best reading. 
She said:
  • Make sure you run the thermometer from the middle of the forehead all the way into the hairline.
  • Take 3 readings and use the median of the 3. 

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