Monday, November 11, 2013

Easy Organic Carrot Puree

What you need:
  • A bunch or two of organic carrots
  • A steamer or pot with steamer basket (tried a colander in a pot a nearly caught the kitchen on fire!)
  • Food Processor
How ya do it:

 Start with your carrots
(check out these crazy carrots...the leaves were longer than the carrots!)

Peel the carrots and wash them thoroughly

Fill your steamer pot with water and place the carrots in the steamer basket
I cut mine into smaller pieces before placing them in the basket

Steam the carrots for around 15 minutes or until soft

Pull the basket out of the steamer and let the carrots cool for about 10 minutes.
Place the carrots in the food processor

Puree until desired texture is reached
I added a little water since this was Aiden's first time with carrots and I wanted the puree to be really smooth
The nice part about making your own is you can add texture as needed

Heres our little carrot face!  He loved them!

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