Friday, August 8, 2014

Recharging My Towels

Living in New England we have a annoying little problem that drives me CRAZY!  Because many of the homes here do not have central air conditioning,  air circulation is a HUGE problem!  Many of the rooms in our have have window units so that helps a bit but the rooms that seem to be the worst are the kitchen and the bathroom.

Why is the lack of air-circulation such a problem?  Because it makes my bath towels, kitchen towels, and dish rags smell TERRIBLE!!!  A few days out and they might as well be growing a mold empire because that is how they smell!

I have tried and tried to simply wash them with laundry soap and mask the smell with fabric softener and dryer sheets but that has not seemed to take care of the problem.  Before I know it...the smell has returned.

I happened upon an awesome pin that I thought might be the solution to my problem, Recharging Your Towels! I looked into this further and there were many pins on this but they basically all said the same things so I thought Id give it a try!

I tried it on my towels yesterday and they smell AWESOME!  Not awesome like Spring Rain or Sweet Pea flowers but just awesome like clean!  I was really worried because I hate the smell of vinegar but there was no lingering vinegar scent on my towels or in my warshin machine and the towels are super soft and fluffy!  I definitely recommend giving this pin a try!

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